Intellectual Property

We have a robust and growing intellectual property estate covering our proprietary mRNAi GOLD™ Platform, including all aspects of siRNA modification, delivery, construct design, specific drug products and their uses. Using our mRNAi GOLD™ Platform, we construct unique siRNA molecules designed to maximize efficacy, minimize off-target effects, enhance stability and ensure ease of manufacturing. 

As of September 2020, we solely owned 29 granted patents and have 86 pending patent applications. We expect our patent portfolio to continue to expand and mature over the next few years.

We seek patent protection on new chemical modifications we are developing as part of our mRNAi GOLD™ Platform toolbox, which considers all elements of siRNA and ligand design:

siRNA Molecule

We have developed chemical modification patterns that enhance stability and improve activity


We have developed proprietary linkers, enabling the attachment of targeting ligands to the siRNA molecule

GalNAc Ligand

We attach the GalNAc ligand to our siRNA molecule at one or more different sites for highly targeted delivery to specific liver tissues/cells