Our business model is designed to bring solutions to patients while generating shareholder value, by translating our proprietary technology into commercial drug products in a rapid and cost-effective way.



Investment case

Silence is the only listed RNAi player in Europe and a pioneer in this technology. Through the efforts of our skilled scientists over the years we have established a robust platform that allows us to effectively trigger RNAi in specific cell types. Our inventions are protected by a broad intellectual property estate, which is a fundamental asset. Together with our progress, the fact that the field is generally maturing means that RNAi drugs are close to becoming a powerful genetic medicine modality at the disposal of doctors and patients.


Results, reports & presentations

Annual Report 2019

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Half Year Results 2020

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Full Year Results 2019

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Half Year Results 2019

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Full Year Results 2018

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Half Year Results 2018

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Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2018

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Annual Report 2017

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Annual Report 2016

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Annual Report 2015

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Silence Therapeutics FY19 Results Announcement

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Collaboration with AstraZeneca and R&D Update

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Silence Therapeutics HY20 Results Announcement

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Canaccord 40th Annual Growth Conference

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BTIG Virtual Biotechnology Conference

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William Blair Biotech Focus Conference

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Silence Therapeutics Fireside Chat at the RBC Capital Markets Global Healthcare Virtual Conference

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Corporate governance 

Our Corporate Governance framework is based on using the leadership provided by our Board to drive the effective execution of our strategy, ensuring that risk is appropriately mitigated and managed.


We have three Board Committees (Remuneration, Audit and Risk, and Nominations), focused on providing the required oversight to maintaining the highest Corporate Governance standards. Through these committees and regular interactions with the executive team, our Board applies internal financial controls and approves the Company’s policy and strategy.