Our mission is to use our technology to create a new generation of therapeutics which can improve outcomes for patients and, in the process, build shareholder value.

Silence’s strategy is based on translating our intellectual property, our siRNA technology and delivery systems, into successful commercial drug products. We have the expertise and the patented technology required to develop siRNA based drug candidates internally as well as to establish fruitful collaborations with suitable partners.

Ensuring appropriate target gene selection and maintaining a diversified pre-clinical engine are key aspects of our strategic approach. We aim to evaluate as many potential applications of our technology as possible in the early, more affordable phases of our candidate-generating pipeline in order to better manage risk and the costs of failure.

Our strategy plays to the strengths of our platform technology, which include:


Our siRNA molecules are designed to target a single mRNA in the cell, only affecting the expression of the disease-causing gene. Our delivery systems aim to ensure further specificity by delivering therapeutic siRNA only to one target cells in the body.

Modular technology

Our technology consists of two components: siRNA plus delivery system.

By engineering the siRNA molecule, a different gene can be targeted to tackle a new disease. This modular nature is the basis of our versatile platform technology.

Well understood mode of action

RNA interference is a well characterised natural pathway, which leads to the degradation of target mRNA. The precision of the RNA interference process translates in better predictability of the biological effects of siRNA based drugs.

Accelerated discovery timelines

Knowing the sequence of the human genome means that potent therapeutic siRNA molecules can be identified quickly, ready to be tested in the relevant models.

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