A core focus is the development of our own clinical-stage RNA therapeutics, having developed a broad pipeline of product candidates.

Our technology also serves as an important foundation for several external siRNA programmes currently in clinical development worldwide. We have partnerships and licenses with pharmaceutical companies around the world, demonstrating the significance of our RNA technology within the sector.


Quark Pharmaceuticals inc. (‘Quark’) has licensed Silence’s AtuRNAi® for its PF-655 product, which has in turn been licensed to Pfizer. Phase 2 results are awaited in Diabetic Macular Edema.

Novartis has taken an option to license Quark’s QPI 1002, targeting Acute Kidney Injury and Delayed Graft Function in kidney transplant patients. Favourable Phase 2 results were reported in Delayed Graft Function and Quark is reviewing the next stage. Both these Quark drugs use naked siRNA.

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Development of Atu027: An RNAi therapeutic for Oncology

Atu027 is a drug candidate that uses our AtuPLEX® and AtuRNAi® technologies to target the expression of the protein PKN3.

It is composed of AtuRNAi® siRNA (targeting PKN3) within a liposomal formulation – our proprietary AtuPLEX® delivery system. This transports Atu027 into the patient’s bloodstream and delivers RNAi of the target gene PKN3 in the vascular endothelium.  AtuRNAi® is one of the most thoroughly tested RNAi therapeutics in humans and has an excellent safety record, with over 400 people dosed so far and no immune response observed.