Our mission is to use our technology to create a new generation of therapeutics which can improve results for patients and, in the process, build shareholder value.

Silence’s strategy is based on translating our intellectual property, our proprietary RNA technology and delivery systems, and our internal development programmes into commercial drug products. These elements position us as a leader in our field, focused on bringing RNA therapeutics to patients.

Silence also has the know-how and the patented technology to help RNA therapeutics companies develop specific and stable RNAi molecules and has already established equitable relationships with industry partners and academic collaborations.

This breadth of expertise is reinforced by our own internally developed drug development programmes, as well as our pre-clinical pipeline.

Recent successful fundraisings have allowed us to diversify our pre-clinical pipeline to evaluate more potential uses for our technology at any one time. We are investing in our pre-clinical engine and through our dedicated translational medicine team, will steadily bring more targets through for development in the clinic.

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