Intellectual Property

We have built a strong and comprehensive intellectual property portfolio, encompassing both proprietary and in-licensed patents and patent applications, covering all aspects of our RNA based therapeutics.

Specific siRNA molecules

Silence has patent protection for siRNA molecules with a specific nucleotide sequence. These specific siRNA sequence molecules are the result of Silence’s years of know-how and proprietary design rules. These exclude third parties from generating similar siRNA molecules, thus extending the scope of protection beyond just our specific siRNA sequences.

Apart from specific siRNA molecules, Silence also has rights to any siRNA molecule, irrespective of the specific nucleotide sequence, for distinct protein targets such as PKN3 and the use of these in the treatment of certain diseases related to these targets.

Exclusive structural features

Silence’s specific siRNA molecules exhibit unique structural features which, irrespective of their individual nucleotide sequence, bar third parties from commercialising this type of molecule. Such unique structural features include the positional modification of the siRNA molecule (AtuRNAi®) and the use of blunt end molecules which are both subject to proprietary patents and patent applications.

Stabilisation technology – AtuRNAi®

AtuRNAi® is a proprietary technology with which individual siRNA molecules are stabilised against degradation within the body. This stabilisation is achieved by a positional modification of the nucleotides of the individual siRNA molecule, where every second nucleotide of the siRNA molecule is modified by a therapeutically acceptable methoxy group.

Stabilisation technology – blunt ends

In contrast to what has been widely accepted in the field of siRNA, we have seen that blunt end siRNA molecules are highly effective and stable when used in vivo, and use this type of siRNA molecules successfully in clinical trials.

Delivery systems

We also have proprietary rights to a lipid component which is the core of several delivery systems developed and used by Silence. The delivery systems as such are subject to various patent families extending the scope of protection to the specific composition and use of the delivery systems.